i can’t get enough, oh-oh

Rooney is the perfect summer band, a fact they proved on August 11, 2010 at Madison, WI’s High Noon Saloon. In a state where winter is by far the longest season, Rooney’s love letters to the California sound best during the few short months where the sun’s warm rays reign supreme.

Led by the indomitable Robert Schwartzman (aka Robert Carmine, aka Jason Schwartzman‘s brother), Rooney is, as one concert-goer put it, a band that is “easy to listen to.” This shouldn’t be taken as an insult; rather, Rooney has figured out the alchemy behind great pop songs. Catchy choruses, nods to the early days of rock & roll, and a healthy dose of glossy shimmer pervade their music and identify their roots and influences.

In addition to their songwriting abilities, Rooney has a fairly well-honed live show. Kicking off the set was fan-favorite “Shakin'”, and tunes from their self-titled debut made up a little more than a third of their set. The lead single off  Eureka, “I Can’t Get Enough” was an excellent introduction to their new material, and for the most part the other new songs proved successful as well. The show had two hiccups, however: “Stars and Stripes” lacks the musical backbone to hold up the hokey lyrics, and drummer Ned Brower’s vocals trend chipmunk-like when taking lead. Overall, though, Rooney is a sure thing for a great show filled with songs that you’ll be humming for days after.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
A glorified slideshow of Rooney’s set.

SET LIST: Shakin’, Stay Away, Calling the World, Holdin’ On, Daisy Duke, Suckceed, I Can’t Get Enough, If It Were Up to Me, The Hunch, Blueside, Stars and Stripes, Sorry Sorry, I Should’ve Been After You
ENCORE: Not In My House, When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

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