radio silence

Shout Out Louds – Show Me Something New (Jack & Meg would be proud of this pallette)
Archie Powell & The Exports – Enough About Me (shiny surfaces, beers, pinatas)
Bad Veins – Falling Tide (Acoustic) (rooftop shimmer)
Hurricane Bells – Freezing Rain (roadtrip!)
Richard Walters – Brittle Bones (memory ghosts)
Fol Chen – The Holograms (bad wigs abound)

if your love’s still around why do we suffer?

Monsters of Folk – Dear God (layers of meaning)
First Aid Kit – I Met Up With the King (gorgeous campfire sing-along)
Marching Band – Another Day (whittle while you work)
Inlets – Bright Orange Air (if Seurat was an animator)
Hot Chip – I Feel Better (amazing)

Matthew Good Band – Load Me Up (oh, Canada)

the water glasses are particularly impressive

OK Go has always had a knack for making entertaining videos. The band garnered worldwide success with its infamous treadmill routine, and its latest offering is no exception. Featuring the largest and most joy-inducing Rube Goldberg machine I’ve ever seen, the second iteration of “This Too Shall Pass” merits several viewings. Check it out below, along with some of their other hits.

“This Too Shall Pass – RGM Version”

“Here It Goes Again”

“A Million Ways”

“Get Over It”

For more thoughts on videos and the music industry at large, check out this open letter from OK Go.