i know you wanna dance so come on and take a chance

Originally released in 2005 in Europe, Junior Senior’s sophomore release Hey Hey My My Yo Yo has finally made it to the states. This time around, the duo took their brand of dance and traveled back in time, drawing on influences from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. On their trip, they picked up a few friends including Le Tigre, The Velvelettes, and members of The B-52’s.

The first couple of tracks (“Hip Hop A Lula” & “Can I Get Get Get”) have a similar feel to their debut, with the latter having a chorus that’ll stick in your head.

The female half of The B-52’s lend their signature vocals to “Take My Time”, filled with sunshine and key changes. “Happy Rap” is a bouncy jaunt that follows the vaguely Eastern feeling of “Dance, Chance, Romance”.

The guiding ethos of Junior Senior is epitomized on the supreme “I Like Music (W.O.S.B.)” – the super-posi jam is reminiscent of 60s Motown, which is unsurprising considering that a 60s-era Motown girl group appears on the album almost as often as Junior and Senior themselves. Obvious though it may be, the simple declaration reminds listeners that it is the little things in life like music that can affect how we see and interact with the world.

Though the album shows growth musically from its predecessor D-D-Don’t Don’t Stop the Beat, it just doesn’t have quite the same oomph. “Ur A Girl” and “No No No’s” are too much saccharine without enough kick, and never quite reaches the energy level Junior Senior achieves in their superb live shows.

Accompanying the US release is the Say Hello, Wave Goodbye EP, recorded over four days and because these Danes wanted to dance. The opening track has a hypnotic guitar and a sound that is more aggressive and edgy than anything heard on Hey Hey My My Yo Yo. Definitely dancier, some of the tracks could pass for early 90s club, while the best of the seven songs channel the 80s with a passion (“Together For One Last Dance” & “U And Me”).


Hey Hey My My Yo Yo / Say Hello, Wave Goodbye dropped 08/14/07.
You can get to know Junior Senior better by visiting their official site.