you’ve got new chords i’ve never heard before, i’m ready to sing along

Matt Pryor’s (The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams) first solo release, Confidence Man, is a quiet alt-country-influenced album. Utilizing mostly acoustic guitar, banjo, and harmonica, Pryor plays his emotions a little closer to the vest.

Pryor’s voice has taken on a deeper and more mature tone compared to his earlier efforts, which contributes to a more grown-up aesthetic overall. The album is full of short, simple, acoustic tunes. “I’m Sorry Stephen” has a Ben Lee-like quality to it, and “Dear Lover” offers a quiet send-off.

Title-track “Confidence Man” has a great mix of primary and secondary vocals that play off of each other while accompanied by banjo and harmonica. “Where Did I Go Wrong” is the album’s hidden gem, with the silence being just as important as the dark acoustic guitar and pretty electric guitar line that lies closer to Pryor’s emo roots.

Confidence Man drops 07/29/08.
Check out Matt Pryor’s MySpace page here.

listen up: with a heart so vicious

Made for my friend Jesse’s birthday, it ends up being a love letter to emo.

With A Heart So Vicious Tracklist

01| Bayside – Masterpiece

02| From First to Last – Note To Self

03| Armor For Sleep – Car Underwater

04| Brand New – Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades

05| The Impossibles – This Is Fucking Tragic

06| Blood Brothers – Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck

07| This Providence – Card House Dreamer

08| Head Automatica – The Razor

09| Fall Out Boy – XO

10| Coheed & Cambria – Devil In Jersey City

11| Alkaline Trio – Queen of Pain

12| Saves the Day – Bones

13| Taking Back Sunday – Error: Operator

14| The Academy – Slow Down

15| The Get Up Kids – Forgive and Forget

16| Jimmy Eat World – No Sensitivity

17| The Jealous Sound – Anxious Arms

18| Say Anything – Spidersong

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