m(h)tv 2014 pt. 2

As predicted, we’ve ended up with yet another random collection of videos, this time all from March. That seems as good a reason as any to post them all together, yeah? Great.

Fenster – In the Walls

The Antlers – Palace

Amen Dunes – Lilac in Hand

crash – Motion Animal

november mp3 roundup

Spanish Prisoners – Know No Violence
The Antlers – VCR (The xx cover)
Kisses – Johnny and Mary (Robert Palmer cover)
Memoryhouse – Quiet America

Imperial Teen – Runaway
Masterface – Excuse Me Girl
Loney Dear – Calm Down

prove to me i’m not going to die alone

I fell in love with The Antlers in the strangest way. They were the first band on the bill for Madfork 2.0 – a Madison lakeside mini-fest that snagged artists playing Pitchfork in Chicago the same weekend. I got downtown late, so as I was walking to the venue I could hear the strains of The Antlers floating through the city streets. The closer I got the clearer the sound and the stronger the pull, and by the end I was literally running to get to the lake. When there were finally no buildings between me and the stage, I stilled and listened, enraptured. I didn’t bother to find a seat or my friends until their set ended and I had a minute to snap out of the reverie. It’s rare to have such an immediate, all-encompassing love for a band, and even rarer to find this feeling with every live show and the records as well. Burst Apart fails me not; by the first chorus of the first song I had that familiar feeling of ecstatic suffocation.

Said song “I Don’t Want Love” hits hard and fast, the guitar propping up the lyrical notion of walking away. We’ve all got that mistake we’ve made again and again and eventually stopped making – this is the sound of that mistake echoing in your head.

A beautiful album front to back, Burst Apart is chock with good songs. “Parentheses” is dark and sinewy, perfect movie music for an international spy thriller. “Hounds” is slow and dreamy, and is followed by the restrained  beauty and soft sadness of “Corsicana”. There were three songs I listened to for at least an hour on repeat, though. The aforementioned “I Don’t Want Love”, “No Widows”, and “Putting the Dog to Sleep”.

“No Widows” is a really gorgeous piece; it’s like trying to run through water, or like being submerged in a dream. Singer Peter Silberman’s crystalline ‘oohs’ cut right through you as Michael Lerner’s drums nip at your heels and Darby Cicci’s carnivalesque synth trails you at every turn. Album closer “Putting the Dog to Sleep” takes its melodic slant from the ever-popular 50s prom ballad motif. Instead of teen angels or nights at the drive-in, though, Silberman sings of the painfully real issues of trust, love, and messes both emotional and physical.

The Antlers make music that is so sad and visceral that I want to lay in bed for days, but is at once so beautiful and moving that I can’t possibly do anything but go out and live.

Burst Apart dropped 05.10.11.
Download “Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out” here.
Stream Burst Apart at NPR First Listen.

april mp3 roundup

Seapony – Blue Star
The Antlers – Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
The Head and The Heart – Lost In My Mind
Eleanor Friedberger (The Fiery Furnaces) – My Mistakes
Hidden Pictures – Anne Apparently

White Fence – Get That Heart
Saint Motel – Puzzle Pieces
Vetiver – Can’t You Tell

the love i had before

The Love I Had Before is a mixtape made for a friend who was not at all into Valentine’s Day. This mix will not pump you up. It’s best listened to when laying alone in the dark.

The Love I Had Before
01| Keep Yourself Warm by Frightened Rabbit
02| 50 Ways by Telekinesis
03| Bring It On by The Gaslight Anthem
04| Madder Red by Yeasayer
05| My My Mind by Apex Manor
06| Signs by Bloc Party
07| Go Home by Bad Veins
08| Heart Skipped a Beat by the xx
09| When I’m Small by Phantogram
10| Kettering by The Antlers
11| Blood Bank by Bon Iver
12| Metal Heart by Cat Power
13| I Would Be Sad by The Avett Brothers

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favorites of two thousand ten

Instead of a “Best Of” list, M|H is presenting you with a favorites list. There were too many purportedly great albums, songs, and shows we didn’t get around to hearing/seeing. The albums are listed chronologically, but other than that there’s no particular order to our selection. Please point out our glaring omissions.

Spoon – Transference – 01.19.10
-Essential Track: Written in Reverse
Mumford & Sons – Sigh No More – 02.16.10
-Essential Tracks: White Blank Page, The Cave, Sigh No More
Local Natives – Gorilla Manor – 02.16.10
-Essential Tracks: Wide Eyes, Airplanes
Horse Feathers – Thistled Spring – 04.20.10
-Essential Track: Cascades
Arcade Fire – The Suburbs – 08.02.10
-Essential Tracks: Suburban War, We Used to Wait
The So So Glos – Low Back Chain Shift EP – 10.12.10
-Essential Track: Lindy Hop

Courtship – Ride
Delta Spirit – Bushwick Blues
The Naked and Famous – Young Blood
Cults – Go Outside
The Love Language – Heart to Tell
Yeasayer – O.N.E.
Let’s Wrestle – We Are the Men You Will Grow to Love Soon
Broken Bells – The High Road
The Shout Out Louds – Fall Hard
Ben Sollee & Daniel Martin Moore – Something, Somewhere, Sometime
Vampire Weekend – Run
The Black Keys – Tighten Up
The Soft Pack – Answer to Yourself
Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can’t See Land

Paul McCartney
Owen Pallett
Janelle Monae
The Antlers
Matt & Kim
Sleigh Bells
Horse Feathers
Great Lake Swimmers

Want a more in-depth analysis of some of 2010’s best? Keep an eye out for Jonk Music‘s Best Songs of 2010 list. Jon was kind enough to ask us to weigh in on some of year’s best songs.