we felt the presence of a thousand smiles

Little Ones Terry Tales & Fallen GatesIf you could capture sunshine and press it into little, compact discs, you’d end up with the latest EP from The Little Ones, Terry Tales & Fallen Gates.

Unapologetically happy, the twenty-minute EP is an upbeat burst of indie pop in league with dios and countless beach-bumming acts of the sixties. The band follows the average pop-rock set-up of guitar, bass, drums, and keys, but spritzes things up with varied percussion and the occasional group vocal.

The six songs on Terry Tales & Fallen Gates pair off nicely to cover three musical notions. Bookending the EP are “Tallies” and “New Branches”, which embrace the ideals of American popular music in the sixties with their sunny feel and catchy hooks. Rhythm is key to the drive of “Forgive Yourself” and the general feel of “O-A (There’s A Sun)”. On “Boracay” and “Unlock the Door!” there’s a definite island influence, similar to that heard in bands like Vampire Weekend. The overall package is a delightful romp that leads straight into summer.

Click the player to listen to “Boracay”:

Terry Tales & Fallen Gates dropped 04/08/08.
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