Mogwai – Simon Ferocious

There’s nothing particularly unique about this video – a plane carrying skydivers takes off and they jump out and float through the air. In a post-Felix Baumgartner world, a jump video with no gimmicks or tricks should feel boring, but something about the combination of the jumpers’ slow descent and Mogwai‘s fuzzed-out soundtrack leads to the same serenity people report feeling while looking at Mark Rothko’s paintings.

i will sing as your canary bird

The Head and The Heart – Summertime

The Head and The Heart get a little looser and more creative on “Summertime,” so it’s only appropriate that Sub Pop label-mate/intriguing weirdo Chad VanGaalen was tapped to animate and direct the song’s video. Let the synthesizers wash over you as you explore the neat little world these acts made together, full of flora, adorable guide books, and flesh-eating butterflies (it can’t all be sunshine and lollipops, guys).