we had our hearts lost

THUMPERS – Unkinder (A Tougher Love)

Once your eyes get over the crashing of the Wavves, your brain will start focusing on how utterly fun and dance-worthy this track from London’s THUMPERS is. Musical brethren of Reptar, “Unkinder (A Tougher Love)” immediately warrants a second listen, sticking in your head without being overtly catchy.

’til the marrow dries in her bones

Mirel Wagner – No Death

Endless Love: or, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Scandinavians love to put a dark twist on their storytelling (I see you, Hans Christian Anderson) and Finland’s Mirel Wagner stays true to her upbringing. Though this video is a couple years old, Wagner recently came to our attention when she signed to Seattle’s Sub Pop Records. Within a few bars she’ll have you captivated, eyes and ears (and if you don’t watch your back, maybe your heart and lungs, too).

all that fear in california

Daughn Gibson – Phantom Rider

All due respect to Nicolas Cage, but this is a form of ghost riding we can actually get behind. Gibson is a supremely weird performer and “Phantom Rider” perfectly captures his dark edge that constantly carves along the border of surely not being serious. The twisted country twang allows for the storytelling that the song’s and video’s 80s-era 120 Minutes vibe can’t quite accommodate on its own. Like Gibson’s live set, the video won’t let you turn away until the show’s over.