stuck in my id

If you read but one sentence of this review, let it be this: I feel sorry for you if you’ve passed up seeing Reptar on tour.

Currently on the road with Phantogram, Reptar played the High Noon Saloon in Madison, Wisconsin on October 24, 2011. Hitting the stage to a pre-recorded song that sounded like a filmstrip soundtrack from the 70s, Reptar quickly established their sense of humor and joy in what they do. The intra-band rapport genuinely added to their performance – happiness is contagious and when the people on stage are having fun the crowd can’t help but do so as well.

Reptar played a few new songs in addition to material off their excellent EP Oblangle Fizz, Ya’ll (say it aloud, you’ll like it). While I could easily sum up Reptar’s sound with the phrase “fun and awesome” I’ll get a little more specific: the songs sound like “Useful Chamber” from Bitte Orca, if it’d been written by the Talking Heads and run through a rainbow. For the live version, jack it up on testosterone and and imagine Reptar is fending off the B-52s in the quirk & charm category in the Athens, Georgia battle of the bands. Fun and surprises around every corner.

I took a couple videos at the show to capture the magic of their live set, but the problem with standing on top of speakers and monitors is that the sound blows out the mic on your cheap-o point and shoot. Give the videos a whirl anyway – “Blast Off” and “Stuck in My Id” were outstanding. If they haven’t hit your town yet, don’t miss them.

Reptar – Blast Off

Reptar – Stuck in My Id

Listen to Oblangle Fizz, Ya’ll at Reptar’s Facebook page.