alive with love tonight

On Wednesday, May 16, Say Anything, Saves the Day, Meg & Dia, and Manchester Orchestra descended upon Stubb’s Waller Creek Ampitheatre for an intense evening of music.

Starting the show off strong was Atlanta, GA band Manchester Orchestra. Their aural assault was filled with vaguely Christian overtones culminating in a finale that left lead singer Andy Hull screaming and trembling while four drummers beat away in unison (drummers from MO and Saves the Day on kits with one of Say Anything’s guitarists and bassist on single drums).

Next up was Meg & Dia, a sister duo who offered a mix of emo-esque rock and mid-nineties send-ups. Early on Dia’s vocals were weak, but they improved throughout the set – to her credit, it may have been an in-ear problem as she alternated between putting them in and tearing them out. Though Dia was fun to watch, the overall package was lackluster, with their worst at a lilting, undertempo rendition of Blind Melon’s “No Rain” that lacked the life of the original.

Veteran rockers Saves the Day were next to take the stage, kicking off with “The End” from their latest album Sound the Alarm. The band was full of energy, with singer Chris Conley continually thanking the crowd and expressing his happiness at being there. Saves the Day played two new songs from their album coming out in September, “Can’t Stay the Same” and “Radio”. The rest of the set was a mix heavy on tracks from Stay What You Are and Through Being Cool, with Say Anything’s Max Bemis joining the boys on guitar for “At Your Funeral”, a dream of his since high school according to Conley.

Heading up the bill was six-piece outfit Say Anything. An immediate community feeling was imposed with a mass sing-along to hit “Alive With the Glory of Love”. Singer Max Bemis paraded dramatically around the stage, which would be obnoxious if not for the theatrical nature of Say Anything’s music. Halfway through the set, the band debuted a new song (“People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist” and followed it up with an old release, “A Walk Through Hell”. The set ended with Bemis’s anti-hipster diatribe “Admit It!”, during which members of Manchester Orchestra and Saves the Day tackled Bemis and bandmate Parker Case, attaching handcuff-toting blow-up dolls.

A deal for $17, the tour with its current lineup has its last show tonight in Dallas, TX.

If anyone has pictures from the Stubb’s event (new aquaintance Amanda?), please email me at

Songs played (may or may not be complete based on how good my memory is)

STD: Shoulder to the Wheel, Rocks Tonic Juice Magic, Holly Hox Forget Me Nots, At Your Funeral, Cars and Calories, As Your Ghost Takes Flight, Nightingale, Firefly, Anywhere With You, Head For The Hills, The End, Bones, Eulogy, Can’t Stay the Same, Radio

SA: Admit It!, Alive With The Glory of Love, Belt, Every Man Has A Molly, Metal Now, The Futile, Woe, Wow I Can Get Sexual Too, Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat, People Like You Are Why People Like Me Exist, A Walk Through Hell