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Reptar – Amanda

Reptar are all bells and brass with their latest track “Amanda.” The video is the type of weirdo trip you’d expect from the Athens, Georgia band, but the song is as sweet as a peach. Their previous single, “Cable,” would sound great next to All Tiny Creatures on a mixtape, and Reptar’s debut off of Lurid Glow ties the two nicely together.

Reptar plays Madison, Wisconsin tonight at The Frequency – be sure to bring your dancing shoes because every time I’ve seen them it’s turned into a one big party.

Lurid Glow dropped March 31st. Find more tour dates here.

we had our hearts lost

THUMPERS – Unkinder (A Tougher Love)

Once your eyes get over the crashing of the Wavves, your brain will start focusing on how utterly fun and dance-worthy this track from London’s THUMPERS is. Musical brethren of Reptar, “Unkinder (A Tougher Love)” immediately warrants a second listen, sticking in your head without being overtly catchy.

favorites of 2012: albums

We’ve been just terrible the last few years about getting out a favorites list to you (2011’s is still sitting half-finished in our drafts, sad but true). There’s been a ton of good music this year, and we here at M|H hope to eventually crank out a complete list, but for now we give you what we know in our hearts: our top three albums of the year.


Father John Misty – Fear Fun
Sub Pop – 05.01.12 

Usually we don’t rank our favorites, but Fear Fun is hands-down our favorite album of the year and near the top of the list for our all-time best. It’s musically compelling, the lyrics are funny and smart, and the entire Misty persona drips with charisma. We can’t say enough good things about this record or Josh Tillman so just trust us and listen to the record if you haven’t become irrevocably obsessed with it already.

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Zulu Pearls – No Heroes No Honeymoons
Cantora Records – 09.18.12

We rarely get to spend the amount of time with an album as we’d like, but No Heroes No Honeymoons is one that found itself on repeat. There’s a cool confidence and ease that comes to Zulu Pearls and listening to the record is the easiest way to get close to that. There’s something very real about what Zulu Pearls is doing; these songs would be playing in the car, on the jukebox, soundtracking your life. 

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Reptar – Body Faucet
Vagrant Records – 05.01.12

If you’ve ever wondered what unadulterated happiness feels like, go see Reptar live. It’s impossible for us to divorce the live show from the album and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Reptar is a weird, weird band but the joy they exude while making music endows them with relatability. Body Faucet‘s quirky tunes will dance their way into your heart and mind and you’ll never stop wanting to move.

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It’s our 500th post! Here’s a new mix.

01|  River by Akron/Family
02| My Girls by Animal Collective
03| Orifice Origami by Reptar
04| Tell Me Now by Generationals
05| Break My Heart by La Sera
06| Big Wave by Jenny & Johnny
07| Black Lotus by The Whigs
08| Reunion by M83
09| Paper Romance by Groove Armada
10| Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells

edge of low verses, they blew my mind

If you’re a frequent visitor to Mixtapes|Heartbreaks, you’ll know that we’ve got it bad for Reptar. I first saw them last October and it was love at first listen. Reptar is one of the most exciting and interest bands around, and their live show is a giant dance party where everyone in the room is your friend. As I said in our last review, I feel bad for you if you haven’t gone to see them on tour. Lucky for you with the release of their first full-length, Body Faucet, you can get a glimpse of some of the fun you could be having.

Before the first track is even done you’ll be singing along, and if you’re able to sit still through most of the album you should probably seek medical attention. Reptar’s music is incredibly dance-able and captures pure joy like lightning in a bottle.

Opening track “Sebastian” is pure sunshine, featuring relaxed vocals from Graham Ulicny that become floored at the end, becoming the vocal equivalent of John Cusack and a boombox as he proclaims “I want to sleep with you next to me / show you the things I want to be”. “Isoprene Bath” is a closed-in shimmy and “Houseboat Babies” just radiates. “Ghost Bike” and “Three Shining Suns” give a bit of calm and a chance to catch your breath, bookending the big synths, hazy guitars, and frantic repetition of the songs between. Body Faucet closes out with “Water Runs”, a track that moves between sober confessional and ecstatic celebration.

Click the video below for a full-album stream before its release tomorrow:

Body Faucet drops 05.01.12.
Click to download “Sebastian” and “Orifice Origami“.
Visit their official site here.

april mp3 roundup

The D.A. – We Hungry
Bad Veins – Dancing on TV
The Mowglis – San Francisco
Slow Country – Yes You Have

Reptar – Orifice Origami
volcano!  – Pinata
Teen Daze – Treten
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands
Beach House – Myth