everything we did

American Football – Never Meant

American Football and I have a past, and I might get into that someday but for now let’s just remember how fucking great they were. And how good this video is. Did anybody else’s heart swell upon seeing the house they’ve looked at a thousand times before, both literally on the album cover and figuratively as you remembered your own college digs? The dirty walls with seventeen layers of paint, the crowded dance parties where you knew everyone around you was one of your people, the porches and basements where you lingered that extra minute to cross paths with a particular someone at the keg so you could start a conversation without risking rejection? It’s all there. We never mean to live in the past but it’s always cropping up somewhere in an old photo or a song on the radio. We wear it like a shadow and every now and again it casts itself long as the sun sets on our day.

i’m watching you

Wampire – Giants

Love is weird. I’m not even going to try to pretend to understand it or what’s going on here. The main thing is that I can’t tear my eyes off of what’s happening and am somehow endeared to these two weirdos. I think you will be, too.

sometimes you fall deep in your head

Painted Palms – Forever

From the stark black and white of isolation to the shape and color of nature, “Forever” will, at heart, force me to entertain the notion that I should have been picturing hands instead of trees when I first encountered Painted Palms’s name.