don’t ask me to commit a thing

ODESZA f/ Shy Girls – All We Need

The ups and downs of love can be very, very good, but the highs and lows of addiction don’t mirror that sentiment. Director Kevan Funk turns the sepia-toned glimmer of ODESZA‘s “All We Need” on its head and gives us a couple that may be happy in their own world, but from an outside perspective just seem sad.

Dance your blues away with ODESZA, on tour now.

m(h)tv 2014 pt. 1

We recently cleaned out our inbox of videos we had flagged from last year, but we’ve still got some from this winter we wanted to share with you. Thus, the first in what is sure to be a series as we continue to post things in an untimely fashion:

Chromeo f/ Toro y Moi – Come Alive

Sivu – Can’t Stop Now

Cool Ghouls – Grace

m(h)tv 2013 pt. 4

This concludes our series of posts shedding light on the music videos that have been sitting neglected in our inbox since 2013.

Alvvays – Adult Diversion

Cloud Control – Promises

Cashmere Cat – With Me

Bright Light Bright Light – An Open Heart


my eyes blew out i could finally see

D.D. Dumbo – Tropical Oceans

In this rapturous video for “Tropical Oceans”, Australian artist D.D. Dumbo‘s magnetic song gets showcased by long shots in still life. The serene landscapes pull the track into sharp focus, the distorted guitar crashing over us while Oliver Hugh Perry’s searching yelp buoys above, a beacon in the storm.

beat it down to get to my soul

The War on Drugs – Red Eyes

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes – today’s hottest video is “Red Eyes” by The War on Drugs. It’s got everything: elderly dancers, a sad clown, a magician and a hula hooper doing their best Tracy Flick impressions, and an adorable guitar-playing child. The War on Drugs dropped their third album yesterday, but the buzz had been steadily climbing to a roar before that. “Red Eyes” is at once comfortably familiar and wonderfully fresh; run your fingers along its well-worn edges.

i am loving you more

Bear Hands – Giants

There’s nothing particularly remarkable about the video for “Giants,” Bear Hands‘s lead single from Distraction, but it draws one’s attention as a series of moving portraits. There’s a photographer’s aesthetic at work here and viewers are bound to want to look deeper at the people flashing across their screens. The track has the energy of fellow Brooklyn band Matt & Kim but with a cool gloss on the chorus that has more in common with California’s palm trees and convertibles than New York’s concrete and subways. Watch the video and fantasize about the warm summer nights that are on the way.

make the best of downtown

Guided by Voices – Planet Score

So, I generally consider cutting and pasting content from a press release to be cheating/lazy journalism, but I so thoroughly enjoyed the quotes about making this Guided by Voices video that I’m going to make an exception. The following content courtesy of Kip Kouri at Tell All Your Friends:

“When Bob told me I could direct a music video for the next GBV album, he had just one stipulation; it can’t suck.” says director Mike Postalakis.  After seeing the out-come GBV leader Robert Pollard approvingly noted “Now that’s a well put together video with skills.  Basketball, acting and rock! And you don’t have to suffer through 4 minutes of lip syncing.”

Nate Corddry, who plays “Sports Fan”, remarks: “To put it simply, GBV changed my life. When I first saw them at a small club in Vermont when I was 19, my musical tastes were still very confused. I was spending way too much time hanging onto my hippy jam-band roots, and needed a stiff smack to the face from the fist of rock. Robert Pollard provided that fist. If I remember correctly, he drank a beer per song that night. My life would never be the same. He’s everything that’s great about being an American. My brother Rob, who compellingly stars as “Basketball Coach” in the video, was the one to turn me on to GBV, so to appear in a GBV video with him was a bit of a surreal dream come true. Hopefully this gets me one step closer to doing shots with Bob. The Club is Open.”

Brother Rob Corddry adds: “It was my life’s dream to see GBV play live more than I’ve ever seen anything or anyone play live, and I accomplished that. All I had left were two pipe dreams: to be in a GBV video and to drink beers with Bob Pollard. One to go.”