reverie is my goddamn right

PHOX – Kingfisher

I haven’t jumped on the PHOX bandwagon in the way almost every other human I’ve encountered has, but I like this track – it has the editing and single focus I’d like to see for them overall. The video is at once ethereal and wacky, a fairly succinct summation of the band.

searching our hearts for so long

Wrongchilde – Love Is a Battlefield

While much of this video is downright silly, Wrongchilde‘s cover of Pat Benetar’s “Love Is a Battlefield” is not. Where Benetar wore her scars like armor, Mat Devine sounds broken and worse for the wear. It’s a lovely through-the-looking-glass view of a familiar tune – different enough to stand out but not so far gone it’s unrecognizable.

you better let the mind go

Twin Atlantic – Heart and Soul

If you’ve been wishing that someone would blend the sounds of “Get Free” by The Vines and “Sowing the Seeds of Love” by Tears for Fears, then Twin Atlantic has got you covered. A bulk of the song is powered by a level of testosterone that can only come from a group of young men, but the chorus has that shiny-happy Beatlesesque gloss of the late 80s/early 90s (and the video to match).

i want to love you but i’m just too cynical

Laura Welsh – Break the Fall

With “Break the Fall,” Laura Welsh¬†bridges the gap between pop and something deeper. The song is catchy and dance-floor ready, but not in the plastic, bubblegum way that so many summer singles are. The video is engaging, keeping us wondering if Welsh is being consumed by a lover’s embrace or by the clutch of an attacker, and how the former can feel like the latter when a relationship is crumbling.

i’m a stubborn man

Sean Watkins – Wave As We Run

I’ll admit it: this video is pretty boring in and of itself. Why post it? Because you won’t care about the video after hearing this song from Sean Watkins (Nickel Creek). Like the video, it’s bare-bones, but the lovely picked-out guitar line and Watkins’s sweet high notes make it a stand-out track.