i’ll never calm your heart, it beats miles from here

The Winter of Mixed Drinks, the third album from Selkirk, Scotland’s Frightened Rabbit, is a sea-bound tale of letting go but still feeling the tide nipping at your heels. Where previous release Midnight Organ Fight left off expounding singer Scott Hutchison’s messy breakup, The Winter of Mixed Drinks picks up with what comes next.

Building around the single “Swim Until You Can’t See Land“, a song at once expansive and folding back in on itself like waves to shore, Hutchison sings songs of floods and drowning and picking oneself out of the ensuing wreckage.

Though this release is less confessional and more sonically complex, there are a few signs that the past has left an indelible mark. “Nothing Like You” could have been a cut off Midnight Organ Fight, with lyrics like “here’s your shovel, here’s the ground” landing in the ballpark of such gems as “you’re the shit and I’m knee-deep in it“. However, for what Hutchison and Frightened Rabbit gained in growth and perspective, they have lost in the sheer emotional one-two punch that made MOF so enduring and listenable.

The Winter of Mixed Drinks drops 03.09.10.
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