Sometimes you see things you can’t unsee, and sometimes you hear things you can’t unhear. That seems to pretty aptly sum up Madison, Wisconsin’s ‘premier fog machine-oriented band’ Cribshitter.

While I’ve long heard of the colorfully-named band, I hadn’t given them a listen until this week. Bandleader Diaper Daniels (the wispy-mustachioed alter ego of Icarus Himself’s Karl Christenson) and pals make weirdly catchy tunes with unseemly lyrical content, brewing that perfect blend of ‘will never leave your head’.  Take, for example, the video below for single “Boom Goes the Vaginamite”:

Jarring as the title may be, I couldn’t tear my eyes from the video (a mildly strung-out nod to indie film’s self-aware quirk) and have been humming the chorus for days.

On the band’s latest release, Methlehem, my favorite tracks are the instrumentals – they showcase the underlying talent that makes the joke so funny. To judge for yourself, you can stream the album here, or check out Cribshitter at their free CD release show on Friday the 27th at the Dragonfly Lounge.