communicate mostly through rumor

The self-titled EP from Austin, Texas’s Gentlemen Rogues (Matt Bolick, Danny Dunlap, Cordon Simons, Cole Stockton) is a short and sweet pop-rock gem. Opener “We Can’t Stop Moving” looks to the past, culling from the catchiest bits from the 60s-influenced 90s-rock trend. “Persistence is Futile” further puts this sound to use for clean, glimmering pop that could easily have been written by Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne. The final track, “Is Tomorrow Worth Tonight?”, is a bit of a departure with a slightly heavier sound than the first two songs on the EP, but it maintains the pop gleam that permeates the album. The addition of strings by Leah Nelson fills the overall sound and rounds out the edges. Though only thirteen minutes long, the Gentlemen Rogues EP is a promising look at things to come.

Gentlemen Rogues EP dropped 12.11.10.
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