songbook: neighborhood #3 (power out)

In M|H’s weekend feature, songbook, I’ll be looking at some of my favorite songs. Some I haven’t listened to in years, some I keep in regular rotation, but all having in some way informed my life, my taste, and and how I view music.

Arcade Fire – Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

I was at a show last night at the Majestic and the between-bands music was Arcade Fire’s stunning debut, Funeral. Arcade Fire has consistently released great material, but there’s always something special about the first time you get to know a band. The first time I heard Funeral in its entirety was at a super-girly sleepover party comprising mostly music nerds. That night my friend Meara taught me two very important things: boxed red wine tastes better cold and Arcade Fire was something special. I love the whole album, but from the very first listen “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)” has been my jam. When it came on last night I couldn’t contain myself, I was dancing despite everyone else standing still. Suckers. I could do an entire series on Arcade Fire songs I love (and maybe I will), but for today I invite you to find the light with Funeral and “Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)” all over again.

project lodge forever

Last Saturday the Majestic in Madison, WI played host to the Project Lodge Benefit Show featuring Julian Lynch, All Tiny Creatures, Icarus Himself, Whitney Mann, and Anna Vogelzang. For those unacquainted with The Project Lodge:

Project Lodge is a home for creators and explorers. Our small storefront on the near East side of Madison serves as an art gallery, performance space, and de facto community center for artists, musicians, filmmakers, authors, and anyone else interested in collaborating towards a thriving creative culture in Madison. We are all ages, 100% volunteer-powered, and completely donation-driven.

The five-band bill moved along swiftly – a decent set from everyone and not a whole lot of downtime (truly living the dream). Anna Vogelzang kicked off the night, her lovely voice and banjo bolstered by upright bass and cello. Next up was Whitney Mann, joined by Allen and Amanda Rigell of Count This Penny. Mann’s voice could easily knock over a linebacker, but she’s got a great sense of when to reign it in and when to belt away.

Transitioning from the country slant of the first two acts was Icarus Himself. Super-solid as usual, I can’t say enough good things about them. All Tiny Creatures put together a great set – interesting drumming, and an overall sound somewhere between indie and jam but sounding like neither genre. ATC was a nice segue to Julian Lynch, who similarly tiptoes around the outside of the indie-rock box.

In all, it was nice to see a solid block of hometown talent, the cornerstone to the success of The Project Lodge. If you want to support The Project Lodge but were unable to make the benefit (or you came to the show and want to give more), check out the ProLo’s Kickstarter campaign.

For more photos from the evening, click here.