may mp3 roundup

Junip – Your Life, Your Call
Anxiety thrums just under the surface.

Victory – Woman
City slick.

Splashh – Sun Kissed Bliss
Perfect for a sunbleached afternoon. 

Belle Mare – The Boat of the Fragile Mind 
Slow and ghostly, a spectre of beauty.

Hospital Ships – Come Back to Life 
Staying afloat among the swells and crashes.

feathers in our bed

None of the videos today are today are really work appropriate, so save them for when you get home.

Junip – Your Life, Your Call
The second part of the story started in “Line of Fire” – a dark turn around every corner.

David Bowie – The Stars (Are Out Tonight)
David Bowie and Tilda Swinton have their nice life upended by their puppetmaster doppelgangers.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege
Being tied to a stake gives a new meaning to burning love.

nobody wants to be alone in the 21st century

Zulu Pearls – Hard & Young

Live hard, die old. Watch singer/director Zach Van Hoozer’s dad have a night on the town, eventually finding his place among some outrageous karaoke-goers.

Junip – Line of Fire

This video is extremely unsettling yet somehow still gorgeous. Part one of two, see a man’s life unfold and crumble, all the while swathed in the smooth, peachy tones of the past. 

Black Marble – A Great Design

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Adam Ant snuck into your dreams and took you hostage? Because I’m pretty sure this is exactly what it would be like.