good love / bad love

Guided By Voices – Bad Love is Easy to Do

It turns out that the combination of Guided By Voices, Rob Corddry, and Mike Postalakis gives me the giggles.  Earlier this year M|H featured their sports-themed take for “Planet Score,” and here we get a glimpse of an alternate 60s folk scene that’s brimming with sexual tension, bad hair, and shrimp cocktails. Bonus points for the delightful addition of one of our favorite ladies, Katy Goodman. Fingers crossed this is just the beginning of a long line of collaborations.

make the best of downtown

Guided by Voices – Planet Score

So, I generally consider cutting and pasting content from a press release to be cheating/lazy journalism, but I so thoroughly enjoyed the quotes about making this Guided by Voices video that I’m going to make an exception. The following content courtesy of Kip Kouri at Tell All Your Friends:

“When Bob told me I could direct a music video for the next GBV album, he had just one stipulation; it can’t suck.” says director Mike Postalakis.  After seeing the out-come GBV leader Robert Pollard approvingly noted “Now that’s a well put together video with skills.  Basketball, acting and rock! And you don’t have to suffer through 4 minutes of lip syncing.”

Nate Corddry, who plays “Sports Fan”, remarks: “To put it simply, GBV changed my life. When I first saw them at a small club in Vermont when I was 19, my musical tastes were still very confused. I was spending way too much time hanging onto my hippy jam-band roots, and needed a stiff smack to the face from the fist of rock. Robert Pollard provided that fist. If I remember correctly, he drank a beer per song that night. My life would never be the same. He’s everything that’s great about being an American. My brother Rob, who compellingly stars as “Basketball Coach” in the video, was the one to turn me on to GBV, so to appear in a GBV video with him was a bit of a surreal dream come true. Hopefully this gets me one step closer to doing shots with Bob. The Club is Open.”

Brother Rob Corddry adds: “It was my life’s dream to see GBV play live more than I’ve ever seen anything or anyone play live, and I accomplished that. All I had left were two pipe dreams: to be in a GBV video and to drink beers with Bob Pollard. One to go.”

yo la hannukah mix by yoni wolf of why?

WHY? is a weird, weird band, and that’s why I dig them. I first encountered them when a coworker at the public library I worked at in college gave me Elephant Eyelash and was surprised to find it was nothing like I’d ever heard. M|H has been featuring WHY?’s work over the years and when we saw they were coming to town to play a free show at the Sett in Union South with Astronautalis and Dream Tiger we jumped on the chance to have them make us a mixtape, and WHY? founder Yoni Wolf passed along his Yo La Hannukah mix to us. Be sure to check out WHY?’s website for more tour dates, videos, and Yoni’s blog.
Yo La Hannukah
01| I Shall Be Released by Bob Dylan
02| True Love Will Find You in the End by Daniel Johnston
03| Lady May by Michael Wolf
04| Prince Song by Dump
05| Wonderwall (Oasis Cover) by Cat Power
06| Blimps Go 90 by Guided By Voices
07| Kids Party by Chris Morris
08| Tears of Rage by The Band
09| Hide Your Love Away by The Beatles
10| Among Those Killed in the Dawn Raid Was a Man Aged a Hundred by Dylan Thomas
11| 8 Million Stories by A Tribe Called Quest
12| Money Trees (feat. Jay Rock) by Kendrick Lamar
13| Nice Train by The Donkeys
14| What’s Up Freaks? by Fog
15| Ol’ English by The Game
16| Bad Religion by Frank Ocean
17| Night at the Knight School by Thee More Shallows
18| Figaro (101 Remix) by Madvillain
19| Hit by Guided By Voices
20| I Like Dat by Lil’ Wayne
21| Minha Galera by Manu Chao
22| Nehadar Zéytkéwen by Teweide Redda
23| Deny Deny Deny by Hood
24| Tshitua Fulia Mbuloba by Kasai Allstars
25| Long Ears by Serengeti
26| On a Good Day by Joanna Newsom
27| Song One by cLOgs
28| Elevators by Outkast
29| Dying Crapshooter’s Blues by Blind Willie McTell
30| Mermaids by Liz Hodson
31| Queston by May Swenson
32| I Shall Be Released by The Band
33| Grave Robbers by Mount Eerie, Julie Doiron, Fred Squire

november mp3 roundup

Still cleaning out the inbox – here’s a bunch of stuff from May and June. We like to think we’ve just let them age properly. Enjoy!

Frank Ocean – Pyramids

Violens – Totally True

Black Pistol Fire – Long Tall Sally

Royal Headache – Down the Lane

How to Dress Well – Ocean Floor for Everything

Poor Moon – Holiday
Corduroy Road – Love You Can’t Shake
Chase King – Bed of Lies

Guided By Voices – Class Clown Spots a UFO

john sellers mix

After reading Perfect From Now On, I promptly hopped on the internet and asked author John Sellers to make a mixtape for the M|H. He ever-so-kindly obliged and I now proudly present you with this lovely mix to close out the year. Clocking in at a little over sixteen minutes, it’s a perfect get ready and go mix.

From John Sellers:
“I have a shockingly short attention span. Luckily, some musicians have helped me out by writing incredibly short songs that still manage to totally rule. here are thirteen rockers that check in at 1:30 or under. The best part is, if you don’t like one of them, it’ll be over quick.”

01| Guided By Voices – Wire Greyhounds
02| The Beatnik Filmstars – Hairstyle of a Smug Bastard
03| Sleater-Kinney – A Real Man
04| Pavement – Heckler Spray
05| Robert Pollard – I’m A Strong Lion
06| Archers of Loaf – Fat
07| Times New Viking – Ladders
08| Pixies – Distance Equals Rate Times Time
09| Guided By Voices – Shocker In Gloomtown
10| Bad Brains – Pay to Cum!
11| The Replacements – Customer
12| Sebadoh – Sixteen
13| Pixies – Broken Face

fun fact: he does not own an mp3 player

“I’m only two chapters into his book, but I think I may love John Sellers almost as much as I love Chuck Klosterman.”

This is what I got out of bed at two in the morning to change my away message to after starting Sellers’s book Perfect From Now On: How Indie Rock Saved My Life. I am pleased to report that the remainder of the book did not let me down. Not the sappy or nostalgic memoir the title forecasts, Perfect From Now On is a recounting of Sellers’s journey from semi-casual Top 40 listener to full-blown Guided By Voices worshiper.

Sellers admits to a musical history that he could have easily buried (and that most indie-lovers would deny), sharing that he created a dance routine to Kool and the Gang’s “Celebration”, choosing Sammy Hagar as his first album purchase, and scissor kicking to Duran Duran’s “The Reflex”. These early transgressions serve to temper the later admissions of obsessive fandom.

The presentation and tone of Perfect From Now On is unique and sassy – the 183-page body offers 178 footnotes (many which span for several pages), plus three appendices offering lists of Sellers’s takes on the good, bad, and ridiculous within music, ‘verdicts’ on several musical matters, and a formula to determine a band’s true awesomeness.

And lest we forget some of the priceless bon mots found throughout:

on singing in the car

“I know that whenever I look over and see some goon energetically mouthing the words to a song I can’t hear, I assume the worst: Creed.”

on frat boys playing New Order

“It might be the case that they played New Order because they knew girls would dance to it, because, hey, dancing is a nice prelude to nonconsensual sex.”

As I said: sassy.

Perhaps I enjoyed this book so much because I can relate to Sellers. To the average person his endeavors may seem crazy (or at the very least, ridiculous). To me, they seem perfectly normal and even enviable. My obsession is not as single-minded as his, but for my favorite bands I have spent more money than I can afford to, camped out in ridiculously long lines for tickets (sometimes in cities hours away from my place of residence), and have even driven halfway across the country to see a band that was not breaking up and tours regularly.

The book may be a bit foggy for those unacquainted with the indie music scene, but Sellers’s humor and exhaustive notes make it a fantastic read for anyone who has ever had a favorite band.

Perfect From Now On was published in 2007.

For more info on John Sellers, visit his website.