i am loving you more

Bear Hands – Giants

There’s nothing particularly remarkable about the video for “Giants,” Bear Hands‘s lead single from¬†Distraction, but it draws one’s attention as a series of moving portraits. There’s a photographer’s aesthetic at work here and viewers are bound to want to look deeper at the people flashing across their screens. The track has the energy of fellow Brooklyn band Matt & Kim but with a cool gloss on the chorus that has more in common with California’s palm trees and convertibles than New York’s concrete and subways. Watch the video and fantasize about the warm summer nights that are on the way.

i’m watching you

Wampire – Giants

Love is weird. I’m not even going to try to pretend to understand it or what’s going on here. The main thing is that I can’t tear my eyes off of what’s happening and am somehow endeared to these two weirdos. I think you will be, too.