we’ve got some new ones

Philadelphia’s Dr. Dog played a massive set to a sold-out crowd at Madison, WI’s High Noon Saloon on February 5, 2010.

“The Old Days” kicked off the show with boundless energy, the cries of “down, down, down” reflecting off the wall-to-wall crowd. Dr. Dogs best songs live are the same as their best songs on the album; “Army of Ancients” and “From” shimmered and sparkled even more in a live setting than they already did in the can.

Dr. Dog is a band that is clearly comfortable playing together, each instrument building on the next and creating a cloud of sound that cushions the terribly beautiful harmonies coming from the band’s three vocalists. If Dr. Dog and Fleet Foxes put out a song together, heads would explode from the glorious harmonics.

In addition to covering Fate, Dr. Dog previewed several new songs. A standout was “Me & the Mirror” with fuzzy guitars and wailing organ. All of the new material was exciting and made for anxious anticipation of a new album.

Opening band The Growlers started off strong with a sound that could have come from a lost collaboration between the Doors and a surf-rock band, but after the first few songs lost steam with rambling melodies and churlish stage banter.

SET LIST: The Old Days, Worst Trip, ___ , Me & the Mirror (new song), Army of Ancients, ___ , new song, From, The Pretender, new song, ___ , ____ , ____ , ___ , My Friend, ____ , The Beach, The Rabbit, The Bat & The Reindeer


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