berlin rain – a mix from zulu pearls

Zulu Pearls’s debut, No Heroes No Honeymoons, was instantly one of my favorite records of the year. After listening to it obsessively for a week, I knew I had to ask ZP’s songwriter Zach Van Hoozer to make M|H a mixtape. Chilled out and wistful, it’s an excellent listen as autumn days fade to gray.

From Zach:
Just got back to Berlin, where it’s dark at 4 PM and raining, this quick mix sums up my vibe at the moment…best save it for a rainy day.

01| Thank God for the Rain by Bernard Herrmann
02| Lord Knows Best by Dirty Beaches
03| My Kind of Woman by Mac Demarco
04| Sin Título by Esplendor Geométrico
05| Some Things Last a Long Time by Daniel Johnston
06| County Line by Cass McCombs
07| You Know More Than I Know by John Cale
08| Here’s That Rainy Day by Tony Bennett

winter beats ’12

In M|H’s neck of the woods tomorrow is supposed to bring eight inches of snow, so what better time than now to post a winter mix from our friends at JonkMusic? Despite it being March, the unofficial start to spring, we wanted to help everyone still stuck in the cold through the weekend with some electric beats.

01| RUN DMT – “Dreaming”
02| Balam Acab – “Oh, Why”
03| Dirty Beaches – “Lord Knows Best”
04| Clams Casino – “I’m God (Instrumental)”
05| Secret Colors – “Heavy Sleeper”
06| No Ceremony – “Deliverus”
07| Amen Dunes – “Christopher”
08| Slime – “Gals”
09| Matthew Joel – “Sleepless”
10| SoKo – “How Are You?”
11| Mac DeMarco – “Only You”
12| The Caretaker – “Tiny Gradiations of Loss”
13| Pure X – “Back Where I Began”
14| Grandpa Was a Lion – “OS X Lion”
15| Casually Here – “Settle”
16| Silver Swans – “Secrets”
17| Holy Other – “Touch”
18| Angel Olsen – “In the Morning”
19| (exitpost) – “Lake Monster”
20| Valleys – “Ordinary Dream”