our very first mixtape

A Winter Passing

01| Peace and Hate by The Submarines

02| It’s Happening by Number One Fan

03| Polaris by Jimmy Eat World

04| This Modern Love by Bloc Party

05| Lullaby by The Cure

06| Comptine D’un Autre Ete: Lapres Midi by Yann Tiersen

07| 9 Crimes by Damien Rice

08| The Scientist by Johnette Napolitano and Danny Lohner

09| I Know You Are But What Am I? by Mogwai

10| Hot Summers Nuclear Winters by The Meteah Strike

11| Jesus Christ by Brand New

12| Monachetti by Further Seems Forever

13| Textbook by We Are Scientists

14| Motorcycle Drive By by Third Eye Blind

15| Your Hand In Mine by Explosions In The Sky

it’s a small crime and i’ve got no excuse

Alright children, run out to your local record store and buy Damien Rice’s 9.

The opening track and lead single, “9 Crimes”, is a slow and cavernous female/male duet where the players keep asking “is that alright with you?” when it is clearly not all right with either.

The video, debuting tomorrow night in the UK, is directed by Jamie Thraves, who directed the video for “Just” by Radiohead. It’s the one we all watched about 4,000 times when we were in sixth grade trying to figure out what the guy says at the end — the thing that led to everyone laying on the ground. I still want to know what he’s mouthing, even if it’s just nonsense. It still bothers me. But I digress…

“Rootless Tree” proves to another standout track. Weaving between quiet ruminations on a failed relationship and a screaming chorus that more anguished singer/songwriters should strive for, the track devolves into a pathetic* plea for the narrator’s lover to stop dragging him back into the relationship.

[*pathetic (adj.): having the ability to move one to compassionate pity; also: marked by sorrow or melancholy]

Things I don’t particularly care for on the album include the song “Dogs” (a little sappy and doesn’t really fit in the context of the album, at least for me), and a secret track of sorts that is ten minutes plus of a sustained tone. The tone isn’t even obnoxious, making one wonder why in God’s name it goes on for so long; it’s just there. I have to be honest — I did scan through it on my mp3 player, periodically checking in to see if the tone changed at all or if it ever led into a song, so it’s totally possible that I managed to skip over some mind-blowing millisecond of sonic ecstasy. If this is the case, I apologize.

I’ve only listened to this once through and given it a quick second run-through so I may add more to this later. Until then, share your thoughts.