m|h’s short and sweet guide to fmf09

Are you in Madison, WI this weekend? Then get yourself to Forward Music Fest. Buy tickets here, print out the schedule, and then check out a few of these performances (our top recommendations are linked to music, starred are the acts we’ve seen live before):


Blake Thomas*
Richard Buckner

Dan Wilson
Daniel and the Lion
El Valiente*
Archie Powell & The Exports
Daredevil Christopher Wright*
Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s*

Crane Your Swan Neck*
Pale Young Gentlemen*
Maps & Atlases*
Andrew Bird*

If you’re only buying a single show ticket, and we had to pick just one thing to see, we’d say Cougar. They don’t play the midwest very often, and their shows have always delivered. They’re one of our favorite live acts, hands down.

To see our coverage of the inaugural FMF, check out our guide and review.

stay famous

Click below to listen to “Stay Famous” off Cougar‘s upcoming album Patriot. I booked them several years ago and it was one of the most epic live shows I’ve seen – a combination of stunning projected photography and highly-emotive ’emergency rock’ – the band’s self-donned genre. Recommended for fans of Mogwai, Appleseed Cast, and Explosions in the Sky.

If you like what you hear, head over to NME to download the track.