what a difference a decade makes

This morning I realized that yesterday was the ten-year anniversary of the first concert I ever booked. As a freshman in college I joined the WUD Music Committee after seeing their ad in the student activities guide and then attending a free concert featuring Hey Mercedes. The committee quickly became the center of my extracurricular activities and social life, and at the end of my first semester I managed to book one of my favorite bands from home, Punchline, and this little Chicago band that they were on tour with – Fall Out Boy.

This is what I looked like exactly ten years & one day ago.

The show was at the very beginning of the spring semester of 2003, and being that it was January in Wisconsin it was freezing cold and snowing. One of the people who had co-booked the show (Madcap, Count the Stars, and 504 Plan were also on the bill) had nightmares leading up to the show, dreaming that nobody came. Happily, the show ended up being packed. Below is an era-appropriate photo collage from the night, as well a video sampling of the bands that played.


504 Plan – Fathead

Count the Stars – Taking It All Back

Punchline – Play

Fall Out Boy – Chicago Is So Two Years Ago

Madcap – Going on the Road

one more week of being haunted

Owen (aka Mike Kinsella) returned to Madison on May 3, 2008 to play to a cozy crowd at Club 770. Kinsella was in good spirits, happily conversing with the crowd and cracking jokes.

“Sometimes I write a song and it sounds like Sheryl Crow, and I think, ‘This is awful.’ Then I write a song and it sounds like ‘Chocolate Rain’…”

After finishing up a set of his own material, Kinsella decided to throw down a few Fugazi songs, a preview of his upcoming benefit show for CAASE on June 19 at Beat Kitchen in Chicago.

At this show we decided to use the video option on our super-cheap camera and captured Owen performing “The Ghost of What Should Have Been” for your viewing and listening pleasure. Of course, we’re idiots and filmed it portrait style, not realizing we couldn’t rotate it in editing. Oops. Just crane your neck to the left and you won’t even notice.

we raced up just to slow down

Minus the BearThe first show we decided to sponsor ended up being a bit of a disaster, but all was not lost. On April 17, 2008 at Club 770 in Madison, WI, we were planning on having a wonderful live event featuring Minus the

Bear, Portugal. The Man, The Big Sleep, and The Felix Culpa. Unfortunately, the promoter cut The Felix Culpa from the bill the day before the show, and Portugal. The Man’s van broke down in Chicago on their way to the venue. This led to pushing back doors and starting the show at 9:30 instead of the advertised 8 PM. This also led to many disappointed kids who had come from far and wide (some driving five hours) not getting to see the concert they paid for. Alas, the show did go on.

Kicking things off was The Big Sleep, a name surprisingly apt for the act. There was nothing particularly original or moving about the music, often just coming off as an amalgam of overused hooks and unfocused psychedelia.

Minus the Bear got off to a bit of a rocky start when a fight broke out in front of the stage, but the bassist and vocalist jumped offstage and escorted the offending party outside. The rest of the set went reasonably well, save a few minor technical difficulties. In any case, the crowd enjoyed the set, and playing “…Crisco Twister” was enough to make M|H happy. Thanks to everyone who came out to support us! We hope to bring you more shows in the future.

Minus the Bear bassist

SET LIST: Knights, Memphis & 53rd, Thanks For The Killer Game of Crisco Twister, Double Vision Quest, White Mystery, I’m Totally Not Down With Rob’s Alien, We Are Not A Football Team, Dr. L’Ling, Part 2, Throwin’ Shapes, The Fix, Lemurs, Man, Lemurs, Pachuca Sunrise, Ice Monster, Fulfill the Dream, Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse

MTB Set List