never fully dreaming

Cloud Boat – Carmine

Cloud Boat first caught our attention with the lovely “Youthern.” More recently they’ve released “Carmine,” complete with a weirdly compelling video where nothing much happens but a lot of intense eye contact and lyric-mouthing in a laundromat. The video is somewhat reminiscent of the ever-mysterious “Just” by Radiohead in the coloring and that I don’t understand why the person involved decided to lay on the ground, but is quite a bit different in tone. If you can figure out the secret to either, let me know.

pictures of me as a boy

Girls Names – Hypnotic Regression (NSFW-ish)
The woman of your dreams.

Cloud Boat – Youthern
Stark grace.

The Mary Onettes – Don’t Forget (To Forget About Me)
Hazy memory.

The 1975 – The City
Body as canvas.

Companion – Only
Flow and ebb.