sad bastard music

Another gray Wisconsin winter has led to another gray winter mix. Enjoy!

Sad Bastard Music
01| The Hours You Keep by +/-
02| The Funeral by Band of Horses
03| We’re Looking For A Lot of Love by Hot Chip
04| Storm by Jose Gonzalez
05| Winter by Joshua Radin
06| The Ice Is Getting Thinner by Death Cab for Cutie
07| Flume by Bon Iver
08| You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me by She & Him
09| Sea of Love by Cat Power

(Don’t forget, if you press play, then pause, the mix will continue to load and you can come back for uninterrupted play. Also, if you press pause, the mix will resume where you left off as long as you don’t navigate away from the page.)

no, it’s not a place in russia

Let’s get it out of the way, first thing, because it’s going to be the comparison that everyone makes: Jessica Larrabee is Chan Marshall’s vocal doppleganger. Now that we’ve addressed the obvious, we can move on and sing further praises.

Larrabee, performing as She Keeps Bees, has put out a fantastic album titled Minisink Hotel. Kicking off with the lo-fi ass-kicker “Stand Where I Can See You”, it’s immediately clear that this lady can stop you in your tracks with her voice alone. “Lucille” is much in the same vein, with a good mix of hollow drums and distorted vocals.

“Cage Match” features a dreamy guitar line with broken-hearted vocals, while “Fangs” and “Arm’s Length” keep things going along for the album’s first half.

Ambient thunderstorm sounds mark a bit of a turn for the album’s second half, featuring more diversity with folky vocal harmonies, bells, and an organ accompaniment that compliments the acoustic guitar and Larrabee’s smoldering voice.

The last three tracks of the record form a near-perfect ending. “Mercury” lets in a new softness and vulnerability in Larrabee’s voice that has not yet been heard on the record, while in the opening line of “Two Thousand Lights” she claims “I’ve lost two thousand years / my soul’s been around, been around…” and one can’t help but believe it. The album closes with “Revival”, a waltz with a haunting, distant piano and heavy kick drum and hand claps that is easy on the ears but assaults the soul.

To find out more about She Keeps Bees and Minisink Hotel, check out the website here.