when we grow old we’ll all wonder how we missed out

The American Ghetto is where you want to be. Brimming with shadows of the past and visions of the future, the title belies a hopelessness that’s miles away from the landscape of Portugal. The Man‘s fifth studio album.

American Ghetto covers a lot of sonic ground, from sexy jams that would fit equally well in a 70s exploitation flick or a futuristic coffee house (“The Pushers Party”) to rich, glossy synthesizers (“1000 Years”) to grooves anchored by pillowy bass over which drums, guitar, and vocals somersault (“60 Years”).

Augmenting the stellar songwriting are John Baldwin Gourley’s downright poetic lyrics. Often nebulous and quasi-random a la Beck, Gourley occasionally zeroes in on razor-sharp images – “the city was a shotgun ending in sunshine” and “little lips / hammers for fists / eyes were little lights” among them.

American Ghetto dropped 03.02.10.
Download the first track from the album on P.tM’s website.