it’s true terror in the middle of the night

Ball Park Music – Surrender

Baseball season is upon us, and for those seventh-inning stretches there’s nothing more American than Ball Park Music. Except that they’re, well, Australian. And have nothing to do with baseball. If you want American music about baseball, you should actually check out The Baseball Project – but I digress. “Surrender” has been around for awhile but got its official UK release yesterday, so maybe it’ll hit the States in a similar fashion. I¬†figured I’d share it with you now to keep you ahead of the curve (ball). Sorry. I’ll stop now.

it don’t make sense

The Trouble With Templeton – Soldiers

Memories and nightmares cling to us like shadows, or at least I think that’s what’s going on in the video for “Soldiers” by The Trouble With Templeton. The echos of this track by the Brisbane, Australia quintet will haunt you, too – it doesn’t really sound like anything else and nips at your heels when you try to move on.

my eyes blew out i could finally see

D.D. Dumbo – Tropical Oceans

In this rapturous video for “Tropical Oceans”, Australian artist D.D. Dumbo‘s magnetic song gets showcased by long shots in still life. The serene landscapes pull the track into sharp focus, the distorted guitar crashing over us while Oliver Hugh Perry’s searching yelp buoys above, a beacon in the storm.