every story needs an ending, after all

Motion City Soundtrack

Motion City Soundtrack recently released their Acoustic EP exclusively on iTunes. Featuring five acoustic versions of songs from their LP Even If It Kills Me, it showcases the band’s songwriting abilities and gives a new gloss to the included tunes.

Utilizing acoustic guitar and piano in place of the buzzing electricity of the band’s usual high-voltage formation, MCS augments the sound with strings, bells, and handclaps.

Singles “It Had To Be You” and “Broken Heart” maintain the basic feeling and momentum of the album versions when stripped down. “Can’t Finish What You Started” sounds even better in its acoustic form than the original version. The piano at the end of “Point of Extinction” gives it a heart-tugging depth that compliments the song’s original incarnation well.

The standout on the EP by far is opener “Fell In Love Without You”. On Even If It Kills Me the song is a frenetic kiss-off, but here it’s a subdued reflection. The song includes the line “only time will tell if violins will swell in memory of what we used to call ‘in love'” and is cleverly accompanied by violins starting at the second iteration of the chorus, hinting that maybe the narrator and his subject did have something after all.

Acoustic EP dropped on 05/06/08.
Get more info on Motion City Soundtrack at their official website.