berlin rain – a mix from zulu pearls

Zulu Pearls’s debut, No Heroes No Honeymoons, was instantly one of my favorite records of the year. After listening to it obsessively for a week, I knew I had to ask ZP’s songwriter Zach Van Hoozer to make M|H a mixtape. Chilled out and wistful, it’s an excellent listen as autumn days fade to gray.

From Zach:
Just got back to Berlin, where it’s dark at 4 PM and raining, this quick mix sums up my vibe at the moment…best save it for a rainy day.

01| Thank God for the Rain by Bernard Herrmann
02| Lord Knows Best by Dirty Beaches
03| My Kind of Woman by Mac Demarco
04| Sin Título by Esplendor Geométrico
05| Some Things Last a Long Time by Daniel Johnston
06| County Line by Cass McCombs
07| You Know More Than I Know by John Cale
08| Here’s That Rainy Day by Tony Bennett

as always, diaper daniels – karl christenson’s labor day mix

If the cover art for this mix isn’t a dead giveaway, Cribshitter‘s Diaper Daniels has a penchant for the ridiculous. When I saw Diaper Daniels and company play earlier this year, the band was sporting traditional Bethlehem gear in honor of their current release, Methlehem. This afternoon I learned that the band is currently mining material for an upcoming release tentatively called Jizz Hands. Oh my. Despite outwardly profane appearances, Cribshitter is at heart a deeply catchy band with a heart of gold. To witness their mayhem live, click here to purchase tickets to the Shitty Barn’s barn blowout party on October 20th.

If Diaper Daniels looks familiar but you can’t place his face, scratch off that crusty mustache and behold Karl Christenson of our Madison fave Icarus Himself. Straddling two worlds, Christenson made us a “mellow one for a mellow autumn” ranging from the tongue-in-cheek “Your Party” by Ween to the earnest ELO’s “Telephone Line”. Check it out below, and be sure to catch at least one of Christenson’s projects this fall.

01| I’m Mandy Fly Me by 10cc
02| Your Party by Ween
03| Black Moriah by Sat. Nite Duets
04| Fake Natives by Fake Natives
05| Running Back by Thin Lizzy
06| Our Angel’s Ululu by Deerhoof
07| ??? by Ethiopiques
08| Sherry by Jonny Corndawg
09|Oh Baby by The Concretes
10| Suffering Jukebox by Silver Jews
11| When I Die by Inboil
12| Telephone Line by Electric Light Orchestra
13| Gar by Lambchop
14| XL-30 by Shuggie Otis
15| Bitties in the BK Lounge by De La Soul
16| Swing It Low by Morphine
17| Furget It by Jason Lytle

jonk music’s summer jams ’12

It’s that time of year again where our pal Jon Kjarsgaard of Jonk Music makes us a mixtape to top off summer. Enjoy.

01| Trails and Ways – Nunca
02| Melody’s Echo Chamber – Crystallized
03| Way Yes – Singing
04| The Neighbourhood – Sweater Weather
05| Haim – Forever
06| Blue Boats – Summers Down
07| Midi Matilda – Day Dreams
08| DIIV – How Long Have You Known?
09| Dead Mellotron – Making Up
10| Sunless ’97 – Body Weather
11| Swim Deep – King City
12| The Peach Kings – Fisherman
13| Cruiser – Moving to Neptune
14| MS MR – Hurricane
15| Holobody – Riverbed
16| Swiss Lips – U Got the Power
17| Goldroom feat. Chela – Fifteen
18| KO KO – Float
19| Day Joy – Talks of Terror
20| Xylos – Summerlong

Summer Jams ’11 | Summer Jams ’10

leave the water running – a mix by these united states

In 2008 I was lucky to come across a copy of A Picture of the Three of Us at the Gate to the Garden of Eden by These United States in my mailbox. I loved the melding of quirk and classic, and the mouthfeel of lines like “quietly calculating the logistics of lust” left me with something I just couldn’t shake. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing the band a couple times over the years, and now you can too. Friends in Madison, Wisconsin can catch the band this Friday, July 20th at the Memorial Union Terrace for free(!). Click here for more cities, and scroll down to enjoy a five-song mix from the road.

From These United States:
We played 2 weeks ago in 100 degree heat on the waterfront in downtown Louisville. Last week, it was 106 degrees in Charlotte, also outdoors, also in front of a body of flowing water. In atlanta, it was 110, no H20. I’m sittin’ in the woods way far north near the Canadian border now, and this remote lake house has as its living room centerpiece a motion-activated talking bass (the fish, not the instrument), who has presumably just been caught and therefore croons “Take Me to the River” (think closer to Al Green than Talking Heads). It’s poetry. And it’s cooler out now. And still, all I can think about is water. Here, then, is a mix for all of us — Caught, in the Heat, trying to make the Best of it (the final song carries no water, per se – but it is the OTHER tune crooned by my new best friend, the ever-inspiring and insightful robot who awkwardly swishes his animatronic fins and tail when you pass his way…) -Jesse Elliott

01| Take Me to the River by Al Green
02| The River is Hot by Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons
03| You Left the Water Running by Wilson Pickett
04| Water by Birdie Busch
05| Don’t Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin


It’s our 500th post! Here’s a new mix.

01|  River by Akron/Family
02| My Girls by Animal Collective
03| Orifice Origami by Reptar
04| Tell Me Now by Generationals
05| Break My Heart by La Sera
06| Big Wave by Jenny & Johnny
07| Black Lotus by The Whigs
08| Reunion by M83
09| Paper Romance by Groove Armada
10| Comeback Kid by Sleigh Bells

paper tiger mixtape

When we saw that Midwestern hip-hop collective Doomtree (P.O.S, Sims, Dessa, Cecil Otter, Lazerbeak, Mike Mictlan, and Paper Tiger) was coming to town, we jumped on the chance to see if they’d make us a mixtape. Live DJ, producer, and graphic designer Paper Tiger was so kind as to agree, and has given the world an amazing mix of hip-hop, 80s, and indie to get pumped on before catching them on tour. The Madison, Wisconsin show on Friday, March 9th at Union South’s The Sett is free, so be sure to come out. Stick around after – Paper Tiger and Lazerbeak will be DJing the after party.

01| Walk In by Lil’ Wayne
02| Vital Nerve by Company Flow f/ BMS
03| Can U Touch Me (Yuksek Remix) by The Film
04| Buddy (12” Remix) by De La Soul & Jungle Brothers
05| Lips Like Sugar (Extended Remix) by Echo & the Bunnymen
06| Let’s Go To Bed by The Cure
07| Sussudio (Special Extended Remix) by Phil Collins
08| Axel F (Extended Version) by Harold Faltermeyer
09| Running Up That Hill (Extended Version) by Kate Bush
10| Dance Hall Days by Wang Chung
11| Under the Milky Way by The Church
12| Making Plans for Nigel by XTC
13| No Scrubs by TLC
14| Everybody, Everybody by Black Box
15| Ride On Time by Black Box
16| In a Big Country by Big Country
17| Lisztomania (Shook Remix) by Phoenix
18| Sleep Rules Everything Around Me by Wugazi
19| Stay Close by Basement Jaxx
20| General Patton by Big Boi f/ Big Rube
21| I ♥ U So by Cassius
22| Pots & Pans by Les Savy Fav
23| Suedehead by Morrissey
24| 212 by Azealia Banks f/ Lazy J
25| Stupid Hoe by Nicki Minaj
26| Bring Em Out by T.I.
27| Stop by Jay-Z f/ Swizz Beatz
28| Blow by Rick Ross f/ Dre

winter beats ’12

In M|H’s neck of the woods tomorrow is supposed to bring eight inches of snow, so what better time than now to post a winter mix from our friends at JonkMusic? Despite it being March, the unofficial start to spring, we wanted to help everyone still stuck in the cold through the weekend with some electric beats.

01| RUN DMT – “Dreaming”
02| Balam Acab – “Oh, Why”
03| Dirty Beaches – “Lord Knows Best”
04| Clams Casino – “I’m God (Instrumental)”
05| Secret Colors – “Heavy Sleeper”
06| No Ceremony – “Deliverus”
07| Amen Dunes – “Christopher”
08| Slime – “Gals”
09| Matthew Joel – “Sleepless”
10| SoKo – “How Are You?”
11| Mac DeMarco – “Only You”
12| The Caretaker – “Tiny Gradiations of Loss”
13| Pure X – “Back Where I Began”
14| Grandpa Was a Lion – “OS X Lion”
15| Casually Here – “Settle”
16| Silver Swans – “Secrets”
17| Holy Other – “Touch”
18| Angel Olsen – “In the Morning”
19| (exitpost) – “Lake Monster”
20| Valleys – “Ordinary Dream”