all these complications

Buffalo Sunn – By Your Side

It all comes back around in this video from Dublin’s Buffalo Sunn. The song sounds like something we’ve heard before, echoing on the radio on a station whose songs feel too new too be so old.

slow dancing with one of my interests

crash – High Wall

The reedy sway of crash‘s voice will pull you in, come hell or high water. Lamenting the loss of his native New Orleans home, crash simultaneously presents himself with strength and vulnerability. Everything he knew and loved may have been lost to the flood, but he rises above and lets the beauty float up and out from the earthy guitar and slow dance of slogging through loss.

strike you right down

Cold Specks – Absisto

Al Spx (Cold Specks) has a way of running her icy finger down your spine that’s unlike anyone else. She can carve an empty space into your heart and have you looking over your shoulder for the ghosts you were sure you left behind. In “Absisto” we’re shown the usually unseen forces at play as a soldier departs this mortal coil. It’s a scene you won’t soon forget.


it’s such a nice day, let’s stay inside

Weatherbox – Pagan Baby

What caught my attention in this Weatherbox video is the way in which vocalist Brian Warren sings each word with complete deliberation. While straightforward guitars chug along, each word pushes deeper and deeper under the skin.

i was ready to die alone

Poliça – Raw Exit

I really and truly do not understand this insane parade of bad wigs and random props and art-school-movie lipstick application, but there’s something pleasing about the motion-sick backgrounds framing Channy Leaneagh and her inherent magnetism.

pleasure in your eyes

OK Go – The Writing’s On the Wall

Another absolutely delightful video from OK Go. Optical illusions abound and the smooth, melodic 80s pop provides us with one of their best singles to date. A music video is what got me listening to OK Go (I saw “Get Over It” one night on MTV my freshman year of college and fell immediately in love), and I’m glad to see them so perfectly marry sound and vision time and time again.

i need to hear your sweet voice

St. Paul & The Broken Bones – Call Me 

While visiting Minneapolis last weekend my friend Rob turned me on to St. Paul & The Broken Bones. I’ve been losing my mind over them ever since. Paul Janeway is a soul shouter of the first degree with a top-notch band that keeps it so tight that Janeway can’t help but spring up and out. You can check out “Call Me” above and enjoy their KEXP session below.


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