concert mania!

Ever wonder what shows we’ve been to but didn’t report on? Ever wonder if we saw something that’d surprise you? Check out our work-in-progress, a comprehensive list of every band we’ve ever seen live. The list is near 500 different artists right now, but we know there are still tons of bands we’ve forgotten to include.  Give it a look, and offer some suggestions about the bands we need to add.

alternative hero winners!

For the second half of December, we held a contest with Knopf to give away copies of Tim Thornton‘s The Alternative Hero. Tim had been kind enough to make us a mixtape, and it serves as a companion to the book. People could enter by commenting and/or retweeting contest messages on Twitter. Here are the four lucky winners!

For Twitter, each RT got an entry, competing for one book. I put all the retweets in a list, then randomized it at Then, the winner was picked using the integer generator:

Congrats, @tylerlawman!

At M|H, each individual comment got an entry. They too went in a list and got randomized, then I had the integer generator pick three:

Hooray for Rick, Lindsay, and Matt!

To sweeten the deal, I promised one winner a yet-to-be-posted mixtape. Same deal, random list, integer winner:

Lindsay is our grand prize winner!

I’ll be contacting winners to coordinate getting them their prizes. Thanks to all who entered, and be sure to check out The Alternative Hero even if you didn’t win!