the good in everything

Protomartyr – Come & See

Okay. I don’t know how I feel about this song. It is noisy and has a bizarre rhythm and the singer’s style is, to put it politely, unique. Everything kind of pulls together in the chorus, though, and “Come & See” kept bouncing around my brain for quite some time after hearing it only once. I’ve got my eye on you, Protomartyr. Y’all are just going to take a few shakes to sort out.

i can’t live like this forever

La Sera – Losing to the Dark

After hearing “Losing to the Dark” I’m pretty certain Katy Goodman (aka La Sera) could kick both your ass and mine. Blistering guitar and cut-through-the-bullshit lyrics twist her girl-group vocals from sugar-sweet to saccharine tang.

it’s fall in brooklyn but i don’t see the change

Stone Cold Fox – Seventeen (Acoustic)

What plays as a nod to The Walkmen in electric gets new life when stripped down on Stone Cold Fox‘s “Seventeen.” Stomp and clap with the celeste and tambourine up top, then check out the original below.

where does the time go?

Pagiins – Yeti Spaghetti

A nice little shot of adrenaline to start your day from Arkansas’s Pagiins. “Yeti Spaghetti” reminds me of the punk bands that littered millennial suburban garages, save the fact the song is actually good instead of just a mash of chords pounded out as quickly as possible. Pogo around for a few minutes and don’t miss the opportunity to bust out your best air guitar at the track’s end.

the stars in gray shout out to carry in my love

Gem Club – Braid″
Click here to download the track.

Gem Club makes me so sad. So, so sad. Sometimes you just need to have your heart wrenched out of your chest and mourn your loss for a few minutes until the needle works its way off the vinyl. It’s true you’ve got a hole where your heart should be, but now you’ve got room to fill it back up again.

Photo credit: Jared Graves

happiness and pleasure

Odesza f/ Madelyn Grant – Sun Models

Let a little sunshine into your life with this track from Odesza‘s forthcoming release due later this year. Chopping up Madelyn Grant’s jazzy original “Purpose” into something nearly unrecognizable, you’re taken out of the smoky, neon-lit bar and on to the open-air, seaside dance floor.

i get nervous when i see her stare

Little Racer – Dancing″
Go here to download “Dancing”.

Punxsutawney Phil and friends may have seen their shadows and six more weeks of winter on the horizon, but “Dancing” by Little Racer has thawed my brain enough to let me remember that summer is a thing and it is coming. Flats, short floral skirts, and the will to leave the house are all in our future. “Dancing” might just help that future come a little sooner.