mr. sandman played a joke on me

Gold Light – Last Night (In My Dreams)

You’re at your prom. Ruched dresses with sweetheart necklines, crushed velvet bow ties, and tinsel abound. A man bearing a striking resemblance to Vincent Price croons into a boxy silver microphone while the punch bowl sits untouched because everyone is gently swaying on the dance floor. There’s something a bit off, though – everyone looks a bit green around the gills. It wasn’t that your dinners came with a side of salmonella, it’s just that you’ve all been dead for decades.

As a filmmaker, it’s no surprise Joe Chang’s project Gold Light elicits such eerie cinematic images in the span of three minutes. “Last Night (In My Dreams)” spins something both vintage and otherworldly, putting you in the position of being here before, for the first time.

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