edge of low verses, they blew my mind

If you’re a frequent visitor to Mixtapes|Heartbreaks, you’ll know that we’ve got it bad for Reptar. I first saw them last October and it was love at first listen. Reptar is one of the most exciting and interest bands around, and their live show is a giant dance party where everyone in the room is your friend. As I said in our last review, I feel bad for you if you haven’t gone to see them on tour. Lucky for you with the release of their first full-length, Body Faucet, you can get a glimpse of some of the fun you could be having.

Before the first track is even done you’ll be singing along, and if you’re able to sit still through most of the album you should probably seek medical attention. Reptar’s music is incredibly dance-able and captures pure joy like lightning in a bottle.

Opening track “Sebastian” is pure sunshine, featuring relaxed vocals from Graham Ulicny that become floored at the end, becoming the vocal equivalent of John Cusack and a boombox as he proclaims “I want to sleep with you next to me / show you the things I want to be”. “Isoprene Bath” is a closed-in shimmy and “Houseboat Babies” just radiates. “Ghost Bike” and “Three Shining Suns” give a bit of calm and a chance to catch your breath, bookending the big synths, hazy guitars, and frantic repetition of the songs between. Body Faucet closes out with “Water Runs”, a track that moves between sober confessional and ecstatic celebration.

Click the video below for a full-album stream before its release tomorrow:

Body Faucet drops 05.01.12.
Click to download “Sebastian” and “Orifice Origami“.
Visit their official site here.

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