songbook: copper and stars

In M|H’s weekend feature, songbook, I’ll be looking at some of my favorite songs. Some I haven’t listened to in years, some I keep in regular rotation, but all having in some way informed my life, my taste, and and how I view music.

Planes Mistaken for Stars – Copper and Stars

I first heard this song on the comp Emo is Awesome/Emo is Evil. It was the first song on the disc and I loved the controlled chaos of the intro. I definitely had one of those “ho. ly. shit.” reactions where your brain can’t quite catch up to what it’s hearing but you know you love it. Around this time I was still heavily into pop-punk and was just dipping my toe into the harder aspects of the genre. While not really a hard song, it was a lot more aggressive than, say, The Get Up Kids.

Listening to this song now it’s still exhilarating and a perfect snapshot of the scene. From the iconography of the band’s name to the trampled-heart lyrics like “wasting wishes on copper and stars”, it just brings back the angst-y goodness of my late teens and early twenties.

As a bonus, you can listen to the comp below. Thank you, internet!

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