this quiet little death

In the summer of 2003, The Jealous Sound released their debut album Kill Them With Kindness. It contained the gems “Hope For Us“, “Anxious Arms“, and “The Fold Out” – songs that I haven’t tired of to this day. The album had its roots in emo, but had more in common with the band’s 90s predecessors than with the crop of upstarts like Fall Out Boy.

Nine years later, the band has released its second full-length, A Gentle Reminder. The continuity is flawless; a little more refined, an updated sound – the band grew up with the rest of us. The core of the JS’s sound is still there – vocalist Blair Shehan’s deliberate delivery, the guitar work that guitar work that inevitably makes one think of something sad and far away, and a sense of urgency quietly nagging in the back of your brain.

A Gentle Reminder drops 01.31.12.
Get tour dates and more at The Jealous Sound’s website.
Stream the album below until its release on Tuesday.

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