it might sound strange

Jason Robert Quever is a man who understand the idea of the album. Where so many records comprise a few songs intended to be singles and then all the rest, Quever and his band Papercuts have put out a cohesive album that is as easy to sink down into as it as impossible to grab onto with its etherealness.

Fading Parade is the fourth release from Papercuts, and it manages to be a big, loud album despite its calm, understated, downy makeup. Trilling guitar, thrumming bass, and a host of other instruments come at listeners from all sides, rarely letting up but never seeming like an assault.

The opening track “Do You Really Wanna Know” is expansive and airy, “I’ll See You Later I Guess” grows and expands while keeping the deliberate and steady footing of the beat, and “The Messenger” brings a sense of sadness to the collection. “Winter Daze” merits a few listens, as does “Chills” with its distinctly 60s vibe and expanded drums and orchestration.

No one track stands out above the others, and this is to Fading Parade‘s advantage, not detriment. In a culture of singles-based downloading and consumption, it’s refreshing to come across a work whose sum is greater than its parts.

Fading Parade drops 03.01.11.
Find out more about Papercuts here.
Click to download “Do What You Will“.

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