seafarer, you and i belong together

So here’s the thing: some albums are great and warrant in-depth analysis or paragraph upon paragraph of praise. On the flip side, some albums are great and could suffice with a review that simply states, “this record is well worth the half hour you’ll spend getting hooked.” Cape Dory is among the latter. Just as it’d be semi-ridiculous to bring War and Peace to the shore as your beach read, it’d be equally silly to bog down Tennis’s buoyant debut with a mountain of words.

Written and performed by Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley after logging seven months and 2500 miles together at sea, Cape Dory is as much a love letter to the sand and surf as it is to each other. Moore’s candy-coated voice crests over Riley’s beach-blanket-bingo guitar and the winter blues are immediately wiped away. “Seafarer” and “Marathon” will immediately stick with you with the rest of the album coming close behind.

Cape Dory drops 01.18.11.
Find out more about Tennis here.

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