if something looks familiar, then something is wrong

Los Angeles band Darker My Love often gets described as “psychedelic rock”, which brings to mind noodling, too-long songs, and better living through chemicals. After seeing them at the High Noon Saloon in Madison, Wisconsin on November 18, 2010, it seems like an incomplete description for the band.

Darker My Love’s strength lies in bringing wave after wave of sound anchored by pop-worthy melodies (The Byrds came to mind on several occasions).  Dan Allaire is a monster on the drums, and vocalist Tim Presley’s timbre is equally at home in modern indie and retro rock.

Headlining the night were fellow Californians Delta Spirit, an Americana band with an ass-kicking edge. Explosive and energetic, the band brings a rock and roll revival to the teeming masses that at times borders on religious experience. Check out their video for “Bushwick Blues” here.

Click the photos for more images of both Darker My Love and Delta Spirit.

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