lead me on, lead me on, through the darkness, through the dawn

Let’s be plain: The MoondoggiesTidelands is a damn-fine album. Hailing from the flannel-clad corner of the Pacific Northwest, The Moondoggies offer honest and hearty tunes that draw their energy from the land and the sea and the salt of the earth.

Grand vocal harmonies are often front and center on Tidelands, playing into the sense of the everyman projected by the album. The harmony gives way to a soulful groove on “What Took So Long”, and soars heavenward in the gorgeous bridge found about a minute into the title track.

“Empress of the North” reads like a refined campfire song, and singer Kevin Murphy’s strong, clear voice steers album closer “A Lot of People On My Mind”. Beautiful vocals aren’t all The Moondoggies have to offer, though; little touches like a slide guitar and railway drums transport you right to the moment, to a different place and time.

Tidelands dropped 10.11.10.
Click to download “It’s a Shame, It’s a Pity“.

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