songbook: enjoy the silence

In M|H’s new weekend feature, songbook, I’ll be looking at some of my favorite songs. Some I haven’t listened to in years, some I keep in regular rotation, but all having in some way informed my life, my taste, and and how I view music.

Depeche Mode – Enjoy the Silence

Growing up, I had the benefit of having a brother who was ten years older. I idolized him, and wanted to be just like him in as many ways as I could. Part of this led to me adopting some of his music tastes. By age three, I knew Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper by name. Whenever he’d babysit me, we’d pass the time by watching MTV and VH1. “Enjoy the Silence” was a song that I latched onto more visually – in high school I had this memory of a guy walking around in a king’s clothes, but couldn’t remember what song the video went to. After some digging around, I figured it out and immediately bought The Singles 86<98. Song after song came back to me from my childhood, and this song in particular remains one of my favorites.

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