they wanna hear that low back chain shift

I’ve got one huge complaint with the new EP from The So So Glos, Low Back Chain Shift. It’s way too short. At only twelve minutes, they tease me with their infectiously upbeat songs and quirky streetwise lyrics. You are dealers in musical crack, So So Glos. You’ve figured out how to make me beg for more, and I both hate and love you for it.

With that said, this spunky little EP is a must-listen. The So So Glos announce themselves with the duel-ready “Fred Astaire”, drums pounding away like horse hooves in a concrete jungle. Pleading guitar backs up the earnest vocals of “Live Like TV” and the band relaxes a bit with the acoustic “New Stance”. “Here Comes the Neighborhood” stays light but is catchy as ever, and the backup response vocals are endearing. Finishing up the EP is the ear worm “Lindy Hop” with all the worldly swagger of Vampire Weekend augmented by the street cred of Rancid.

After hearing the EP for the first time, I hit repeat. I’m itching to hit play yet again. I hope a full-length is on the way, gentlemen, as I just can’t get enough.

Low Back Chain Shift EP drops 10.12.10.
Find out more about The So So Glos here.
Click to download “Lindy Hop“.

2 thoughts on “they wanna hear that low back chain shift

  1. continental shade October 7, 2010 / 11:48 pm

    we tryingz

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