rearrange the wreckage of our hearts

On their fifth full-length release, Destroyer of the Void, Blitzen Trapper swing from era to era and genre to genre while somehow holding tight to a common thread.

Weaving in and out of a mix of fuzzy and twangy guitars, piano, and deep-space-evoking sound effects as well as Tom Petty-esque harmonica blues and a folky duet with Alela Diane, Blitzen Trapper creates a sonic blend that has a little something for everyone.

Picturesque lyrics such as “heaven’s right below the hurricane / and hell’s contained in every flame” are sprinkled throughout the album, jutting up against simple declarations like “I’m left here with this cheap love song / because Sadie, I can never change.”

Cheap songs these are not. Layered, nuanced, and varied, the songs of Destroyer of the Void are an amalgam, a trip. They’re a product from “the tailor of the earth and electricity.”

Destroyer of the Void drops 06.08.10.
Download “Heaven and Earth” here.

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