now the lightbulb’s gone off

Absolutely no one will be surprised that Spoon put out another fantastic album. No one. So we’ll just get that out of the way right now: the album is great, go listen to it now, please. Now, a bit more analysis for those who are interested in more than the bottom line.

Where Spoon’s last release, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, was ebullient with its horns and straight-up soul, Transference is stifled and intimate and doesn’t show its hand. Opening track “Before Destruction” is almost more of an impression than a song proper, piquing the listener’s curiosity as to where the album is going. The album fleshes out with hypnotic basslines and dance-ready drums, with ebbing guitar and relaxed vocals giving the songs shape.

The album blends both dug-in-the-ground, shit-kicking, Austin pride (“Written in Reverse”, “Trouble”) with outside influences like the harnessed energy of the early-90s alt-rock charts (“Got Nuffin”) and Duran Duran, if they’d been darker club kids instead of Miami Vice extras (“Nobody Gets Me But You”). Though these things may seem disparate, they all come together for a remarkably coherent release.

Transference dropped 01/19/10.
Listen to the album here.

3 thoughts on “now the lightbulb’s gone off

  1. Choloyda February 2, 2010 / 2:48 pm

    Not to be gratuitously salty, but I would be surprised if Spoon put out any good albums. I would also be surprised if they managed to put on a show that wasn’t musically mediocre and in which Brit Daniels did not masturbate all over the stage like a royal douche, while the other 3 sat in the shadows like he was about to fire them from the band.

    Sorry. I’ll never understand the critical adulation of this band. Let’s have a fight! It’ll be fun. I’ll post something positive next time, promise.

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