if i can get you up tonight

A short and sweet album gets a short and sweet review. This time around the subject of our scrutiny is the Bloomsbury EP from California’s Princeton.

Kicking off the EP is “The Waves” – its percussive clapping, thick instrumentation, and appealing lead vocals give off a distinctly beachy quality without being sun-bleached and dumbed-down. On the other side of Princeton’s influential coin is “Ms. Bentwich”, a track which pays homage to the British invasion and features a somehow dainty-yet-pounding harpsichord outro. “Eminent Victorians” fits in with the EP on the whole, but isn’t as noteworthy as “Leonard Woolf”, which makes itself memorable with interesting musical shifts and a backyard quality that has a hint of Ben Kweller about it. Bloomsbury offers a promising taste of more to come from this threesome.

Bloomsbury EP dropped 07/08/08.
Get more on Princeton here.

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