shine like millions


On April 29, 2008, Oxford dance-rock outfit Foals hit the High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI for an early show.

Opening the night was Milwaukee’s Worrier. The first few seconds were a jarring wall of noise, but the songs managed to take shape with half-yelled vocals and notes plucked from chrome guitars.

After a bit of anxious waiting, Foals took the stage and answered the question of the day: would they be able to perform their ultra-technical brand of rock and roll at the same level set by Antidotes? The answer was a resounding yes. Though there were a host of technical glitches, the band soldiered on and didn’t miss a beat – literally or figuratively. Quipped lead vocalist Yannis Philippakis, “One reason I’m procrastinating is the extremely unpleasant electric shocks I’m getting from everything I touch. We’re in America though, so it’s okay!”

Though a couple of songs were slowed down slightly from the album version (“Balloons” and “Cassius”), Foals’s performance was consistently high-energy and marked with a quiet enthusiasm held by those who truly enjoy performing. In their 50-minute set, they cranked out most of their album, along with an untitled instrumental jam supposedly borne of “listening to too much Slayer and drinking too much American beer.”

Should Foals come to a venue near you, take the opportunity to see them before the crowds get too big for proper dancing.

SET LIST: The French Open, Cassius, Olympic Airways, Balloons, Heavy Water, Two Steps, Twice, Hummer, Red Socks Pugie, Electric Bloom, Untitled Instrumental, Mathletics

For more photos from the show, be sure to check out our Facebook page.

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