step out of the bible belt

M|H friend Devon Bryant has been kind enough to pass along some sneak peaks & alternate takes of songs from Brighton, MA. The band is currently in the process of putting together their full-length follow-up to their self-titled EP.

Though the album won’t likely be out until summer, you can start getting pumped by hearing a few tracks below. If they strike your fancy, get their self-titled release here.

“Not Our Fault (August Version)”
dreamy quality + driving foundation = a new sound from BMA

“Fault (With Friends)”
sparse alternate take sung by a small army

“We Make War (EP Version)”
will crash into your heart and make you cry – but in a good way; a personal favorite

One thought on “step out of the bible belt

  1. Katherine Bolton March 25, 2008 / 5:25 pm

    Hey Stacey, thanks for the BMA new material. Amy Sebeson and I went to see Matt and Devon play at the Alt Art Fest over the summer. Totally awesome show b’c they were previewing a bunch of new stuff, like “Fault”. In fact Matt decided to play it twice because they were pumped by it and wanted to share it with new people 🙂

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